Detroit Accessibility Project

Who We Are & Our Story

Detroit Accessibility Project (DAP) is a nonprofit organization meant to act as a resource on venue accessibility in Detroit.

Whether it’s the murals of Diego Rivera that grace the walls of the DIA, the scenic views of the Detroit River from Belle Isle, or the bustling Eastern Market, Detroit is teeming with life. It is a city that is rich in diverse culture and community. We believe that people amplify the beauty of Detroit and that people with disabilities should never be excluded from this. They should not be defined by what they cannot do, and the expression of their individual identities should never be eclipsed by a lack of accessibility.

A disability should never stop anyone from visiting a cultural space or hinder their ability to experience the overall joy of the city. This is why DAP acts as a resource for people who have oftentimes been forgotten. No one should be forgotten, be a second thought, or lack the resources to live as themselves.

Our founder, Charlotte Bachelor, was inspired to create DAP after spending summer afternoons taking her disabled grandmother to the Eastern Market. DAP aims to achieve a more accessible Detroit where families with a combination of accessibility needs can enjoy the rich culture of Detroit.

People are more important than anything else. We want to share their diverse voices, foster a compassionate community, and help people find safe and accommodating spaces.

Our Mission & Values

We are committed to creating an all-inclusive digital space to help individuals with disabilities access venues and cultural spaces in Downtown Detroit.


Our priority is to keep Detroit inclusive. We believe that people come first, and that everyone deserves to have equal access to the same spaces.


We seek to create connection through education, compassion, transparency, and accommodation.


It is the people of Detroit that make the city thrive, and we hope that our inclusive digital space strengthens the community even more.

We aspire to create an unparalleled Downtown Detroit experience where individuals with disabilities are not a second thought, and we hope to inspire cities across the country to do the same.


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